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About Us

In India approx 30 crore people are insured out of more than 130 crore population, so in order to increase the penetration of insurance among uninsured population and to help them buying the right plan for them we have a team of professionally trained financial advisors providing doorstep services to you and your family. We have variety of policies which vary from very low premium policies to very high premium i.e. covering every individual. Our mission is to provide the financial security to every citizen i.e. “LIC IN EVERY POCKET”

We in LIC have major products like Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Investment Management etc. LIC helps people by establishing a contract of paying an amount to the assured person or Nominee on the happening of the event insured against. We convert your small-small investments into huge corpus when you actually need them. LIC also stands for their loyalty and having good relations with their customers all over world.

Our financial experts are trained in such way that they fully understand the needs and requirements of clients through proper counselling and suggests the best plan which provides best returns at the time when client actually need it.